Corporate video

Corporate video is indispensable

Video is indispensable in corporate communications and marketing. And that is not without good reason. It is proven that image and sound have a greater impact than text. Video can convey a message incisively.

 The effectiveness of online video

Research into the effectiveness of online video (most video is online nowadays) reveals some interesting figures:

  • Video is six times more effective than text.
  • 60% of website visitors prefer video to text
  • Video keeps visitors on a site longer (on average 2 minutes)
  • 80% of internet users watch video
  • 60% share video with friends
  • In 2017 69% of internet traffic will be video
  • YouTube is the second largest internet search engine

Corporate video leads to higher conversion rates

Companies that incorporate video into their communications have more visitors to their website, keep them longer and achieve better click through rates and conversion.


Corporate video has many applications: product videos, training videos, testimonials, video messages, company films, talkshows, town hall recordings,  mood videos.


Video can be used on all online platforms: web, mobile, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo. Our video productions can be delivered in every format and are immediately suitable for publication. It is also possible to post your video directly online via our own CorpTV video platform. We will send you a link or embed code for publication on your own website.

The video production process

In general, there are three phases of the video production process.


The pre-production video phase is the phase in which we sit down with the client to clarify what the purpose of the video is. Three questions are central: what message should be conveyed, who is the video aimed at and what is the available budget. Next, we make a proposal and create a script and possibly a storyboard. If this is approved the production can begin and, in consultation with the client, the planning and delivery are scheduled. Sometimes a script is not necessary and we work unscripted, for example if it is a report or summary of an event. Then the video takes shape during editing.

Video production

In the video production phase the filming takes place on the basis of the script or shot list. Images are shot, interviews conducted and, if necessary, actors used to tell the story. The recordings take place on location or in the studio.


The video footage is finally worked into smooth-flowing story during editing. Sometimes music is added, or animations (on-screen text or info graphics). Sometimes there is also a voice-over, the voice that adds important information to the images.


After final approval by the client, the video is delivered in the desired format and then it can be published.