Executive interviews

Executive interview: Making your CEO visible

We don’t see enough of the CEO, the figurehead of an organisation, on company websites. While many stakeholders – including investors – really want to have an idea about the personality of the CEO, his vision of the enterprise, the market and strategy. Anexecutive video interview – made with a professional interviewer – is an excellent way to make the CEO visible in an informal way.

How the recordings take place

The recording can take place in-house or at a specific location. We can create a small studio set on site so that the recording has a professional character, with the right lighting and atmosphere. Of course, the interview is prepared in discussion with the client. We recommend opting for a journalistic approach. This increases the credibility and appeal of the interview. An executive interview doesn’t have to cost much time. Half an hour to an hour is plenty of time for the interview itself.

Portraying the CEO’s with our profile video

An alternative for the interview is our profile video, made by the American TV journalist Joan Martelli. She has won many awards for her reporting. In this video, Martelli follows the CEO in his daily work. This gives the viewer a good picture of the person and, at the same time, of the company and its activities. 

For more information, see also profile video.

Why make executive interviews?

Executive interviews are suitable for, among other things, introducing a new top executive, the discussion of a new strategy or an important announcement for the staff.