Video press release

Gain more attention with a video press release

A picture is worth a thousand words. This well-known phrase still resonates. Many press releases comprised solely of text disappear on editorial desks or into the bin. By contrast, video press releases get more attention. Quite simply, a video has a higher attention value. It invites you to click and open it. The click rate of video press releases is 60% higher than traditional press releases. What’s more, the video can be easily published on the websites of online media.

Measure and increase your media exposure

You can also send short media quotes with a video press release, which can be used, free of rights, for publication. Media can use these alongside the text message. In this way, media exposure is significantly increased. The effectiveness of our video press releases are also measurable. We provide a report with an overview of the journalists and media who have watched the video press release.